Wine Vintners Gurus in the United Kingdom

A vintner is a wine merchant. The United Kingdom produces approximately 5 million bottles of wine annually, and most of its wines have won awards internationally. Some of the Vintners in the United Kingdom are run by families while others have formed associations/societies. Many of the members found in the societies are small family owned businesses.

The managerial teams join so that they can have access to competitive rates. The disbursement of wines within this consortium is highly recommended and is a point of difference between independent members and national operators. The vintners in the United Kingdom focus majorly on quality and flexibility of their wines and spirits. There are quite some vintners found in the United Kingdom.

The main ones include Albany Vintners Limited, Baron Wines, UK Vintners that was given an operational charter in 1363. UK vintner is made up of 500 Freemen and Liverymen. The rest of the vintner companies are Coe Vintners, Bordeaux Index Limited, BWI, Cult Wines Limited Divine Fine Wines, Bon Coeur Fine Wines Limited, City Wine Collection and Ditton Wines Limited.

England’s wine industry has exploded over the last few years. In May 2016 Hattingley Valley Wines teamed up with Vintner’s Company to offer a winemaking apprenticeship. The reason they came together is that there is a reduced number of skilled workers in the vineyards in the United Kingdom. The position is meant to run for two years. Applicants who would be successful would then attend classes in vine growing and also winemaking. The programs would teach on operating all of the machinery in the winery processes.

For one to be a Professional vintner in the United Kingdom one must have developed an interest in the wine business and, acquired some experience of working in the vineyards. They should also get a degree in either viticulture or enology. Finally, one has to pass the board examination and obtain their certification.

The Vintners have invested in the production of wine. They ensure that only good quality wine is produced in their plants. The Characteristics of the good wines produced by these Vintners include:

I) Excellent Vintage & High Grape Quality

II) Balance and complexity

III) Fragrant and Aroma

IV) Good scores and reviews

The residents of the United Kingdom buy their wine on their internet as it is cheap and also saves time. Professional UK vintners make it easy to buy wine online by ensuring they advertise their products and also partner with online shops that are well known and have them stock their products.


Why you need Status Labs company

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that has enabled many customers effectively engage audiences with content to drive sales and participation. Status Labs offer a wide variety of services tailored to specific customer needs. These services range from image management to increasing brand’s digital footprint. The main aim of Status Labs is to help clients concentrate on growing their sales through best search results, unmatched digital marketing strategies and public relations.

Headquartered in Austin, Status Labs image management works with clients in over 35 countries including, public figures and Fortune Brands, to realize PR and international marketing goals.

Services offered by Status Labs

  • Online reputation management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Content automation technology
  • Site audit
  • Crisis response
  • Financial communications
  • Google AdWords

Reputation management
The first page on Google is the first impression. Therefore, maintaining your online presence is paramount in today’s business world. Status Labs company offers expert techniques that will help protect the reputation of your firm.

Search engine optimization
High ranking on search engine results is no question with regards to increasing traffic to your website. Status Labs SEO team uses industry best technologies and proprietary practices to push up accurate information onto page 1 of Google while pushing down misleading and inaccurate information. The team can also help to rank your business’s homepage on top of the list of highly searched key words to drive more traffic and augment sales. Above all, Status Labs send their clients monthly updates to help them track the progress.

Social media marketing
Companies have taken to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get their messages out there. Status Labs social media marketing team has run largest campaigns in the regions. The team has the ability to drive likes to your page, clicks to your website and video ad views by targeting clients on various attributes.

Content automation technology
One of the greatest ways to manage your digital reputation is by utilizing the resources the web has to offer. Status Labs will create bookmarking sites, blogs, and social media accounts that will help reflect your brand. Their marketing team will use sophisticated content automation technology to enhance these pages, making them appear at the top of search results. They will maintain the accounts, but you retain the full ownership of all properties so you can add or edit any content as you wish.

Site audit
In case your site isn’t getting adequate rankings, a tune up on the back end may be necessary. The team will go through your website and propose appropriate changes to page layout and content to immensely improve visibility in search results.

Crisis response
It’s not enough to manage traditional media in the face of a crisis, therefore, the way to react online is important. Status Labs will help minimize collateral damage during and after a crisis.

Thor Halverson’s Journey in Human Rights Advocacy

The New York Times describes Thor as “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.” Born in Caracas, where he also grew up, Thor Halverson is well known for his passion for human rights activism, and film production. He began to advocate for human rights as early as 1989 as an adolescent in London, where he organized opposition to the South African apartheid.

Thor has the Venezuelan and Norwegian backgrounds. His father became a political prisoner, something that forced him to take the human rights advocacy career on a full-time basis. His father was arrested for exposing the Venezuelan government while working as a drug czar. He is the president of a New York-based organization, HRF (Human Rights Foundation). Thor founded HRF after the death of her mother in 2004, in a shooting during a political protest. Since its establishment in 2005, HRF has been in the limelight for its dedication to fighting for the rights and freedom of the powerless in the global society.

The Human Rights Foundation is committed to the liberation of political prisoners and promotion of tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since its formation, the organization has secured the freedom of seven prisoners of conscience. Some of its other achievements include the provision of evidence to Truth Commissions, submission of amicus briefs in major cases of international human rights, and publication and release of two books about individual rights and state’s responsibilities.

Thor is also the founder and chief executive officer of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is an annual global gathering – a human rights festival. According to The Economist, the forum is quickly becoming a human rights version of the Davos economic forum. The forum has received recognition and is attended by human rights activists from all walks of life. It entails speeches and panels discussing issues of global human rights. Thor Halverson also patrons the On Own Feet, a children’s peace movement based in Prague.

At 40 years old, Thor has given significant contributions to fields such as pro-democracy advocacy, public policy, public interest advocacy, as well as personal rights and civil liberties. For the longest time now, he has stood up against dictatorship. Thor is not your ordinary human rights activist and doesn’t believe in the involvement of the stereotypical type of activism. His firm stands and commitment to human rights and freedom has brought him tough times and beatings.

His principal mission is to bring to an end the tyranny world. Thor has proven his readiness to work with any person who believes in his mission, irrespective of his or her political inclinations.

Securus The Victim Of More Bogus Rumors

Whenever Securus Technologies comes out with a new innovation, their competitor Global Tel-Link starts throwing shade. Right now, the dispute between these two telecommunications giants is raging over video visitation technology. But I have seen this movie before. It happened back when Securus with a new voice search protocol.


You see, Securus doesn’t only provide prisoners with telephone communications services, they also help law enforcement. Every single one of those telephone calls going into and out of that prison is recorded by Securus. Well, Securus made those recordings a whole lot more useful with a new software program that can search for a particular voice. All a law enforcement officer needs is a recording of a particular person’s voice. The software then picks out a particular vocal signature and uses that information to search the entire database. And guess what? Global Tel-Link sued them over it.


Now Global Tel-Link is making up rumors about this new video visitation software. The video visitation technology allows anybody trying to call a prisoner to have a video chat for just a few dollars. The software even takes care of scheduling. The person trying to call the inmate simply requests a video visitation time and then it is approved by the prison. This technology saves families money, time, and the embarrassment that comes with a physical visitation at a prison. With fewer people visiting prison, guards are free to focus on more important issues.


But Global Tel-Link is spreading rumors like families are forced to use the video visitation software instead of physically visiting their loved one in prison. They are also saying that the video visitation technology somehow influences how a prison conducts a physical visitation. Neither of these nasty rumors are true. Video visitation is just another tool to help the prison population.


Have you heard about Magnises club?

Magnises is a single social organization with exceptional events and deals that one can only access if he/she has a black card. The private club allows young professionals to utilize the special deals and activities in some of the largest cities on the East Coast, particularly in New York City and Washington, DC. The black card is constituted of a heavyweight metal although it is not anodized titanium. It assures exclusive fringe benefits. As stated by its website, the card gives “24/7 concierge, exceptional treatment and price reduction at Legion high-end restaurants and brands. The yearly fee is 250 dollars. The card is instantly open for anybody to apply. The procedure requires the completion of an application sent via the Magnises website and also a phone consultation.

Eighty-five percent of the individuals who have a black card are between the ages 21 and 29. However, other than the young age limit, there is no distinctive Magnises member. The club does not concentrate on people’s income or occupation. It is all about how they are going to utilize the perks, what they are going to contribute to the community and the value they are going to add to the other members. Magnises want people from different kinds of industries who are running their personals affair and the best way is to bring them in the same room.”

The advantages of being a Magnises’ member include the entrance of their 6,000+ member network, their Member Spaces, which is NYC penthouse plus a DC rooftop pool and lounge, every day’s events and experiences, and their period concierge app. Additionally, the club is giving its members the right to enter to elegant nightclubs and hotel rests for only79 dollars per night since the beginning of 2016.

Magnises is a new millennial guide because it has established the attendance concierge platform for the millennials by linking them with new individuals, products, and business. Since they know their card holders well, they can give real-time, individualized recommendations that are practically more striking than those of generic concierge servicing.

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Magnises club was formed in 2014 by a twenty-something Billy McFarland, who had a desire to help people build a comprehensive network. Just like any other young person with big dreams but less cash, Billy McFarland changed entrepreneur from New Jersey because he also wanted a better life. Billy was born in 1991 in the New York City and was brought up in Short Hills, New Jersey.[3] At 13 years of age, he established his first company, which was an online source business that paired clients with designers. He joined Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he took a computer engineering course. He left the school after a short while through his first year to begin Spling, a content participation consultancy that considers Hearst, Discovery and Universal amidst its customers. He then founded Magnises soon afterwards. Billy is one of the youngest people to set up an institutional venture capital.

You can socialize with Magnises on social networks such Facebook using the name “Magnises “. Their twitter handle is Magnises @Magnises. They have more than 4000 followers. On Instagram, you can socialize with them by searching for Magnises @ Magnises. Their account contains above 9900 followers and 450 posts.

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LIDE SC Set to Receive Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer in Its Next traditional Lunch-Debate Edition

Leadership, as acknowledged, is one of the most important pillars that the global economy relies on as well as the major component for companies around the world. In Brazil and the world in general, good leadership practices have been adopted and have also become one of the core fundamental requirements that the market institutions, as well as investors, are looking for. It is to discuss the new reality in the corporate world, the Grupo RBS Chairman and President, Duda Melzer, will be the chief guest of the LIDE Santa Catrina for the next edition of its lunch time debate that will be held on the 7th August at Majestic hotel in the capital.

Eduardo sirotsky Melzer, leader of the second most awarded media company in Brazil, will be joining LIDE SC president Wilfredo Gomes in conducting a lecture in leadership and building opportunities in the times of a crisis. This debate will get together state public authorities as well as business leaders Glauco Jose corte, the president of FIESC will come along together with Duda Melzer and Wilfredo as part of the committee debate. Usiminas president of the board of directors, Marcelo Gaspirano, will also be in attendance together with Multilog president, Valerio Gomes Neto.

Duda Melzer is one of the members of the third generation of the Grupo RBS Company that is owned by the family of Sirotsky and was founded in 1957. He graduated with a business administration degree from the Catholic University of Pontifical. He went for further studies at the University of Harvard and attained an MBA degree. He joined the company in 2004 as the domestic market general manager and became its president in 2012. Since then he has been pursuing consolidation plans in business based on journalism investment, people management, and innovation strategy.

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Humanist, Leader, Justice Junkie: Helane Morrison

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Helane Morrison has gradually made her way west. While doing so, she has cut a swath out of financial injustice on her way to her current position as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, in San Francisco. Morrison received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern before deciding to go to law school at UC-Berkeley. While at Berkeley, Morrison worked as editor-in-chief for the California Law Review showing her tenacity and willingness to work at an already competitive school. She passed her BAR in 1987 and then began to work for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, an advocate for social justice. Blackmun was a strong role model for Morrison, teaching her the ins and outs of fighting for equality and morality, training she utilized for her entire career.

Morrison began to work at a law firm where she was in charge of hundreds of employees and after only five years she earned the rank of partner with the firm. Morrison was then offered a job at US Securities and Exchange (SEC) San Francisco, which is where she began to look heavily into fraudulent behavior by finance companies. Morrison had jurisdiction over many coastal and great plain states. There she accomplished a variety of her goals. These included uncovering illegal destruction of audit papers by companies as large as Ernst and Young, efforts to eradicate insider trading, provided defense for defrauded senior citizens, and even began financial fraud investigations against many fortune 500 companies, which up until this point had seemed to be above the law. The power Morrison received at SEC gave her the opportunity and power to fulfill her passions, but quickly realized that she had other goals, namely in increasing the female representation in the financial sector.

In 2007 Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners LLC, where she still works today, and has made it her goal to include as many female workers on her task force as she could find. Morrison wanted to teach young women how to survive in a mostly man-driven financial word and preached the idea that one needs to be resilient, passionate, and flexible to make a difference in a cause one cares about. To date, Hall Capital Partners is one of the most successful investment companies in California and is completely run by women, possibly the greatest accomplishment for Morrison.

InnovaCare And Medicaid Advantage: Working Together To Improve Patient Care

InnovaCare Health, Inc. is one of North America’s leading managed healthcare services providers. Their goal is to manage the services they offer in ways that enable them to meet the needs of their patients using the highest quality treatment and the latest, most effective technologies while remaining cost effective. Under the enlightened leadership of CEO Rick Shinto, M.D. and CAO Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare, Inc. has been able navigate the complex challenges of the modern healthcare system and provide an unmatched level of care to its clients.

Through affiliates like , PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., MMM Healthcare, Inc., MSO of Puerto Rico, Inc., and a network of top-notch physicians and medical facilities across North America, InnovaCare gives their patients access to some of the world’s finest physicians using cutting-edge therapies and the most advanced technologies. While the patients receive the best care possible, InnovaCare achieves operational efficiency and financial success. They do this by streamlining their operations through the guidance of Dr. Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides, and their incredible staff.

Many patients receiving care from InnovaCare Health do so through physician practice services and Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage is a government funded health insurance program which provides managed health care to enrolled patients through HMOs, PPO, and other types of private health care providers. The services covered through Medicare Advantage include in-patient hospital services, payments for surgeons, physicians, emergency room visits, diagnostic tests, x-rays, some durable medical supplies and equipment and other outpatient hospital services. Many Medicaid Advantage plans also cover prescription drugs.

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Medicaid Advantage differs from original Medicaid in who provides the treatment and through whom payments are made. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS is responsible for making payments for the treatments patients receive under original Medicaid. With Medicaid Advantage, commercial insurance companies pay the claims and are reimbursed by the federal government without having to go through CMS. Most Medicaid beneficiaries qualify for Medicare Advantage. As of 2014, there were in excess of 15 people enrolled in Medicare Advantage. Many of them had previously been enrolled in original Medicare.

InnovaCare makes Medicaid Advantage very attractive to many beneficiaries because of the quality of care, strong patient-provider relationships, patient first orientation, and strong, top-class physicians involved with the company. This combination fostered by the visionary InnovaCare leadership results in healthier outcomes, an enhanced quality of life, as well as significantly improved emotional and mental well-being for the patients.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes Austin Her Home Again

It is not always easy to decide where to live. Today, people have more choices than ever before. Americans can and frequently do pull up their lives and head somewhere else. They may spend a few years in one place and then a few years in another place. Such is not the case with Dr. Jennifer Walden. As much as she love traveling and living in places around the country, it is always going to be Austin that calls to her and brings her right back where she knows she belongs as she reveals to Austin MD Magazine. This is her town, the town that is going to be her home and one that she dearly loves with all of her heart.

A Texas Childhood

Like so many of her peers, Dr. Walden was raised right here in Austin. She credits this city with instilling in her many of the important values that she takes to work and to heart every day of her life. It was in Austin that she had a loving and delightful girlhood, raised in one of the region’s most pleasant and enjoyable places where she was free to be carefree and happy each day, in the warm heart of her loving family. She was raised by caring parents who are both members of the medical community. It was they who first encouraged her to consider a career in the field of medicine, seeing in her talent for math and science that they knew could help her be good at anything she chose.

Coming Back

In pursuit of medical training, Walden left her family and attended the University of Texas. Her grades were good enough to get her wait listed and then admitted to the University’s medical branch. It was here that she demonstrated her own academic abilities yet again, earning her degree second in her class and being offered a prestigious fellowship in New York City. New York was not quite right for her. After over a decade here, she knew she had to be right back at home in Austin, a city she loves.


Find out more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere And Pidgin Doll Maker Victims Of Artist’s Greed


What if someone “lifted” your Instagram screen shot, blew it up into a large print and then it quickly sold at an NYC art fair for $90,000?

What if the “thief” were able to bypass the copyright laws by tweaking the text under your photo and claiming the “lazy” art as his own?

You wouldn’t like it, and that’s exactly what happened to Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere and her friend Joshua David McKenney, a talented NYC doll maker.

According to a report by, the screen shot in question belongs to Doe Deere’s private account where she has almost 400,000 followers. The Instagram star also features a Lime Crime Instagram account with more than 2.2 million followers.

NYC artist Richard Prince was probably intrigued by her popular social media presence and the vividly bright makeup palettes her brand creates. Doe Deere has added a color revolution to pop culture, so young women and men everywhere can define their own beauty ideal with unique lipsticks, eye liners and eye shadows in out-of-this-world colors.

Doe Deere offers makeup in shades like Squash, Cement, Metallic Gold, Teacup Blue, Mushroom and Raven. Hollywood is now cozying up to the sexy Lime Crime brand, as stars like Nicki Minaj and Garcelle Beauvais wear it on the red carpet.

Doe Deere had posed for the photo adorned with Lime Crime deep red lipstick and blue cotton candy-colored hair. She held a mini me replica of a doll with matching red lips and blue hair designed and made for her by Joshua David McKenney, to give the doll maker greater exposure.

Richard Prince took the screen image, deleted the reference to Mr. McKenney and added his own text. Then he blew up the image to a 48-by-65-inch print. It sold within minutes at the New York Frieze Art Fair for $90,000.

The artist never asked permission from Doe Deere to use the image, nor did he even consider the doll maker who hand-crafted the glamorous 23-inch doll. Richard Prince deleted the artistry of Joshua David McKenney by ignoring him altogether.

Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney came forward to explain the bizarre Instagram hacking and their disappointment in a fellow artist stealing another artist’s glory.

Doe Deere has since posted a new image of herself, posing with her doppelgänger on Instagram. This time, both she and her mini me are wearing lavender locks.